How to find your Ideal Photographer

A guide to helping you to have the most perfect (or close enough lol) Photographer.

We are know the first place everyone usually go to is Google. However, I think that Google is no longer the place to go. I don't want to say that it is played out. However, it is definitely does not where you should start. 
Let me explain! How do you usually find out about new places to visit.
Social Media has now became the new search engine, from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest. I truly feel that Instagram and Facebook may be the best place to start. To be honest, I am a little bias with Instagram. Its always on it's toes to stay revelent. 

Keywords! Why yes, you need to know what are you searching for. We currently know that you are searching for a photographer. However, what kind of photographer are you looking for? Are you looking for a wedding photographer? are you looking for a family photographer?
What area are you looking in? I think that might be just a little important. Only because you would want to find a local photographer near you and not 5 states over.
So how is an example to search for
"Atlanta Family Photographer"
This give me location and the type of photographer that I am looking for to capture my special occasion. 

When you type in the your keywords in the search section, it will bring up this. I highly recommend going to the tag section. One you click that, then you can view all of the amazing photos from so many amazing photographers. Then you can search from there what photo you may be attracted to the most. This part is literally the best part of searching for a photographer through social media (Instagram lol).
Happy Searching!

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