Capturing the moment is way more than just looking at the camera. I want to be able to capture dad snorting and mom singing sweet lullabies.  Those are the memories that I want you to have when you leave your session. You will remember laughing so hard that you were unable to breath. You will remember dancing to "Baby Shark", to get your little ones to get up, smile and move their bodies.

"Baby Shark do-do-do-Do"

Capturing "The Moment"


Hey! I am the chick behind the lens that will capture your special moments.

It's Dedria Here!


Let's mixed some Boho with Vintage and that is me. 



Golden Hour! The way the sun set and the way your skin look golden. It's just priceless.



It's not about looking at the camera. It's about enjoying the moment.


May 8, 2021

Elisa & Gabriel
Mother's Day Session

Feature Film

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